Creativity is what I need most the coming year!

Creativity has always been a part of my life. I think it started with making my own clothes when I was a teenager. I had to find a way to prevent my mum making waist high trousers for me when hipsters were the go!

Maybe even photography was the first attempt. I have memories of hanging out in the dark room with my father dipping pictures into various chemical baths.

There are definitely some creative genes in my family and I like to credit my father for some of them.

Creativity is in the genes?

My father was a keen amateur photographer. I am sure he would have been a professional if he would have been living in a different time. He was born in 1920, almost 100 years ago.

If you are good at maths you know now that I am not a spring chicken anymore either! I have to tell you though that he was an older father….

dark room, photography, black and white pictures
Busy in the ‘dark room’. many people may not even know what this is.

He had his own dark room and I was in there from a very young age. He used to print tiny pictures in black and white for my sister and I. We would stick them in little notebooks. I wish I still had one of those…..

He also created garden designs. We had many rolls of paper with drawings of gardens in the most beautiful rendered colours. Somehow gone lost. What planet was I on when these things were for grabs??

Some of his skills and passions were passed on to me. I love photography and have a good eye for a well balanced composition in a photo. I found out that I have a couple of cousins who have the same talent!

Lover of DYO, creativity and handmade

There was a ‘creativity‘ stint in interior design some 10 years ago. I even had my own business called ‘Homeworks Design’. It went quite well until some worldwide economic down-turn happened and people stopped wanting to pay for services like that.

I may have done some different things since then but somehow I am always dabbling at some form of DYO, craft or art. I can recall painting houses, creating gardens, mosaics, a revival of working with fabrics and a growing interest in upgrading furniture and making treasures out of pieces of old and recycled wood.

housepainting, scaffolding, creativity in painting
Painting our house.  A big job but also a huge saving. I was told I saved 25k by doing inside and outside myself.

The attraction to composition and the draw to creativity got me into professional gardening. Gardening is probably so far my most successful little enterprise. It started off with a total overhaul of our own garden when we owned a house in Brisbane.

After selling the house I was contracted to maintain the garden for a fee during two years. Somehow news spread around and I got some more clients.

This happened in 2011 and now 5 years later I have a ‘great hobby turned business’ happening. I have a growing pool of clients where I go monthly, fortnightly or weekly. If I would stay in Australia I would be at the point where you start thinking about hiring staff. To be honest, it sounds like a nightmare!

gardening, hobby turned business, creative gardening, creativity
In action in one of my gardens. This crow bar is my most used tool and can compete with arm exercises in the gym

Planning to leave Australia

It is quite ironic that my garden business is currently in a bit of a booming stage considering our intention to leave Australia in 2017. I do feel I have ‘discovered’ my gardening niche and think that I can replicate building a similar business anywhere. One of my goals before we leave is to publish an e-book about ‘creative and common sense gardening’.

We have been in Australia since 1991 but feel that we have some more of  ‘Europe’ in us. On top of that our youngest daughter wants to leave with us and study in the Netherlands.

beach, Australia, nature,
One of the many gorgeous deserted beaches in Australia. This is ‘Point Lookout’ on Stradbroke Island
kangaroo, wallabee, Australian National Park
Such a typical Australian sight! Wallabies, a type of small Kangaroos roaming around

I know that many people would consider us idiots as they would love to be able to come and live in Australia. It has always been a popular country for immigration. Especially now with the ‘unstable’ situation of Europe during the last year or so.

They say that ‘home is where the heart is’ and to be honest, my heart is not in Australia anymore. It is a very beautiful country – my ‘humble’ reasons to emigrate 25 years ago were climate and nature.

I do think Australia can compete with many countries when it comes to natural beauty. It is still possible to have a whole beach to yourself or camp in a National Park without seeing another soul.

In the meantime we have bought a house in the South of France with the possible intention to live there. Is that where the heart is? Well, I can only say, time will tell…..


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