Weekend in Paris

View on Eifel Tower from Arc de Triumph

After spending the night in Beziers, I am taking the train to Paris to meet Keith and Zoe who have just arrived from Australia. There are still train strikes pending but I have been assured that my TGV to Paris will go. When I arrive at the station it is chaotic and many people are trying to get information or a last minute ticket. I have a ticket and a seat reservation so if the train goes, I am set.

It takes only just over 4 hours to get to Paris. Quite amazing if you think about it but the train goes at a speed of 290 km per hour. It is comfortable although not for everybody as there are many people without seat and the corridors and baggage racks are full with frustrated travellers.

Rendez vous at Gare de Lyon

I arrive at Paris around one and join Keith and Zoe. They are in a different time zone and should sleep, but to adapt to European time as soon as possible they need to stay awake until at least 9 pm that night and tell themselves that jet lag is overrated!

View from Arc de Triumph
View from Arc de Triumph

We check in our hotel, have something to eat and head to the top of the Arc the Triumph. It is beautiful weather, the sky is clear and the views are great. Keith is not too keen on heights but he seems to enjoy it nevertheless.

Join the Queue!

There are queues everywhere in Paris. The first one we spot is to get into Louis Vuitton. Why, I like to ask but Zoe frowns at my ignorance. The second one we see is to get into the Arc the Triumph and unfortunately we have to join that one as this sight is on our itinerary. The third queue that day is on top of the Arc for people to take pictures from their partner, kid etc. pretending to hold the Eifel Tower which is just situated in the background. No thanks, not for us!

The many sights of Paris

Inside the Louvre
Inside the Louvre

The next day is one of those days! Zoe wants to see all the sights and we end up walking kilometres. It is a hot sunny day, it is Saturday and there are heaps of tourists. Do I need to say moreā€¦..

Saint Chapelle

After a lot queuing we managed to do the Louvre, Saint Chappelle, Eglise Saint Eustache, Notre Dame, Quartier Latin for lunch, La Seine, Pont Neuve, another church and dinner around our hotel where we were initially admiring a drum band but ending up resenting their presence.

Fete de la Musique
Fete de la Musique

It was La Fete de la Musique and everywhere in Paris were musicians taking advantage of the opportunity to show off.

Zoe would have liked to do the Eifel Tower and Sacre Coeur as well but as we are returning to Paris in a couple of weeks, we managed to postpone those sights.
I really like Paris but have decided to leave exploring this wonderful city to less busy times and maybe when it is not that hot.

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