This is why I seem to have unleashed a beast

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By writing about a health dilemma I am facing and publishing it online, I seem to have ‘unleashed a beast’.

My last article got a fair amount of reactions and they were all saying the same thing. Basically I have to face up to the fact that I have a shoulder injury and that working in my garden business is not going to facilitate the healing process.

unleashed the beast

As I am not exactly stupid I am quite aware of that. I just do not want to take ownership of this ‘unleashed evil’  because I hate the decision I seem to have to make.

I can think of many reasons why I don’t like to give up my garden business. One of the most obvious is that I love my little enterprise, I love the kind of clients I attract and I enjoy the work itself.

Therefore I am not yet ready to call it quits and I like to talk to my GP. Not that I trust it to make much difference as online research shows that the type of injury I have, needs rest. So that is very likely what my doctor will tell me to do. I only hope deep down that he may say that a couple of garden sessions per week won’t do any harm.


Am I kidding myself here or could there be a chance of reprieve? After all the shoulder does not hurt while I am gardening. It is painful when I take off a shirt, wash my hair or sleep on it. These things are not going to stop with rest. Do you see the same little glimmer of hope I see…..?

I have to be honest with you. It is not only the fact that I may have to stop gardening. There is a bit more to it than that. And it is a bit of a sensitive subject but I might as well let go of that demon as well.

How it all started….

I have build up this garden business from a simple hobby. About 10 years ago I started transforming our hilly garden in Chapel Hill from boring soulless slope into a lush garden. This led to my first client and from there word spread around.  Slowly but steady over years I have built up a pool of clients.

unleashing a beast, tropical garden, hilly slope
Making something attractive out of a difficult sloping garden

My garden business is the first thing in Australia that I have been successful at. Not that I did not try other avenues. I tried many but most just did not work. It started with a Dutch degree in Social Work that was not accepted. Then I added an Australian degree in Psychology that I could not finish because the entry for the honours year was too competitive.

My visa entry in Australia was successful because of skill migration. I scored all the points for hospitality management.  I never was able to find a job in the industry apart from waitress in the Bennelong Restaurant in the Opera House and a short assistant manager stint in the Virgin Video Cafe in Sydney.

During the first year of my new life in Sydney I saw many restaurants from the inside but none of them offered me a proper job. I have a CV full of Swiss hotel and restaurant experience and was three years a manager of a buzzy London Fish restaurant and Wine bar.

But that was not good enough for the Aussies and you know why? It was 1991 and Australia had given birth to a new foodie trend called the Modern Australian Cuisine. The reason for not employing me was that I had no experience with this new Australian food craze. As if I was going to be the chef…..

Another factor was the recession in 1991. In contrary to the eighties when having European hospitality experience in Australia was a big asset, in 1991 it was rejected in order to protect the Australians. As if any Australian sees hospitality as a career opportunity…..

These attitudes and the apparent rule that belly button piercings were higher regarded than experience and a ‘higher certificate in wine and spirits’, have killed my love for hospitality. Anyway the path of rejection continued and many things I tried were not hugely successful. Until now!

Another demon unleashed

So there is my fiend! In my last years in Australia I have build up a small successful business. If I would stay here I would think of hiring assistance and buying Utes! So to be beaten by a stupid shoulder problem is a bit of a blow to say the least.

I would have to give it up anyway in a couple of months when I move to Europe, but that would be completely on my terms. I feel frustrated that it is not my choice and timing.

Some of my clients have become close and some are even friends who I socialise with. I also am a bit like the hairdresser who gets to hear about the customers issues. As the gardener with the ‘non-valid’ Social Work and Psychology degrees, I am the natural target of all kind of secrets. And I even can say I know how to deal with them.

unleashing the beast, interaction with clients, gardening
Part of my business is the interaction with my clients. Some ‘work’ with me…

So, yes I am frustrated, annoyed and also slightly angry. But there is no one to blame. I just have to accept whatever is the best to get that shoulder fixed. And I will but it feels damn good to have a bit of a rant!

I am also aware that there are worse health problems. Several people in my immediate environment during the last year have been the target of cancer, stroke, aneurysm, Motor Neurone Disease and even death.

So as I have unleashed my demon, I will allow myself to rant and rave for a while. In the end though I am grateful that it is only a frozen shoulder, bursitis or tendonitis.

If my rant speaks to you and you like to find out more, feel free to leave your name and email in the box below and I will make the next episode lands in your mail box.

Speak to you soon!unleashed, easydone, blog, limoux, gardening





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