Succulents presented in a ‘funky’ way

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Succulents seem to be the latest craze and I have accumulated a fair amount of cuttings lately. I like to show you how to create something attractive with terra cotta pots and mini succulents.

Unfortunately due to our emigration plans (July 2017) I have slightly neglected my ‘52 week up-cycle‘ challenge. Maybe I should change the name to ’52 project up-cycle’ challenge. It is essentially a series about turning’ Trash into Treasure’ for your home and garden and I suppose timing is not that crucial.

Succulents are trendy at the moment

I did come up with a cute little up-cycle project during December. I noticed that little succulents have become a real trend lately. Not only in Australia but also in other countries as I see daily in countless Instagram feeds.

succulent, cactus, trend, planttrend
Colourful and striking little succulents are suddenly for sale everywhere

Our local supermarkets suddenly sell them and they are available at market stalls in many shapes and forms. Therefore I have added my own little ‘up-cycle’ accent to complement the scene. And I like to share that with you.

terra cotta pots, succulents, chalk paint, make-over
Small terra cotta pots painted in Swedish style colours chalk paint and waxed

Another thing I have noticed is a new trend in colours. I recently bought the first edition of a garden magazine in Australia. Its niche is showing people how to create ‘green areas’ despite having very little outdoor space.

The colours that seem to be ‘in’ are based on the Swedish colour scheme. They are the whites and the pastels in aqua, blues, yellow and greys. Quite stunning!

Painted terra cotta pots with succulents

So here is what I did:

  • Re-use or buy small terra cotta pots and dishes.
  • Paint them in the colours you like.
  • Get cuttings of succulents or buy them and put them in the freshly painted pots.
  • The result is a fresh, modern and trendy look on your window sill, balcony or outdoor area.
succulents, terra cotta pots, Swedish design, pastel colours
Small terra cotta pots painted in soft ‘Swedish’ style colours. The perfect home for a cute succulent

My intention is to create a dozen or so in different sizes for my upcoming ‘up-cycle’ market on Sunday 8th January. They are great as presents or to bring when someone invites you for drinks or dinner.

Re-using when gardening

I am a keen gardener and I actually run a small business where I offer ‘creative gardening‘. My kind of gardening does not include mowing, blowing, cutting and hedge trimming. I make gardens more attractive, reshuffle plants and create balance in colour and shape in the gardens I work in.

gardenbed, tropical, balance
A garden in balance

One of my goals when gardening is to re-use plants. I rarely ask my clients to buy more plants because most of the time they have what I need already in their gardens. It just needs some attention.

With ‘re-using’ in mind I have created my little pots with cuttings or plants that were rejects by my clients. It is amazing how many times you can re-use things rather than running to a shop and buy it.

‘Revamping’ old terra cotta pots

The same goes for old terra cotta pots that have lost their appeal. Give them a fresh lick of paint and they are good for years to come. I am working on a number of old pots at the moment and will show them off in another article soon.

terra cotta pot, make over, chalk paint, new look
An old painted terra cotta pot in need of a new look. I painted it wine red almost 10 years ago.

So to get started find some pots and succulents. You may have a pile of old terra cotta pots tucked away in your garage or cellar. Scour your friends’ gardens for cuttings of succulents, set some time free and get creative!

A little note. It is not necessary to invest in expensive chalk paint – test pots in different colours will do just fine. The red pot in the above picture was painted with test pot paint that lasted for almost 10 years and was standing mostly outside. Furthermore if you want to make the paint last longer, apply a coat of satin varnish over the paint.

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