After we settle in to a new place, we tend to stop exploring? I wonder why…

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My last two blog posts were a bit of a whinge about things that are currently happening in my life. And you have to know that quite a lot is going on – after all I have just left my ‘home’ of the last 25 years and I am in the process to settle into a new one.

We spent 25 years in Australia and some years ago we decided to leave Down Under and settle in France. This is not as random as it sounds because we did buy a house there some 3 years ago.

What happens when you settle?

settle, exploring, Rennes-le-chateau
Enjoying new places and taking them in with ‘gusto’

My experience is that when you settle in a new place you’re usually full of enthusiasm to learn everything what there is to learn about the new ‘home’. It almost feels like a holiday and you are checking out the place to a much greater dept than when you would do when you live there permanently.

I am sure that many people who move to another country, city or town can recognise this and have roughly the same experience. With that new start comes an energy to want to learn everything possible about the new place. It is an urgency however that seems to fade away when the novelty has worn off and a routine takes place. The hunger for new things slowly vanishes after we settle because there is enough time to do it later….

I have also found out by experience that once this urgency has gone it is hard to find it again. This ‘new home routine’ establishes itself and you suddenly you seem to have less time for exploring. The result is that you stop doing it and just live in the new place doing the things you need to do.

Maybe that is where the difference lies! When you are on holiday you generally ‘don’t need’ to do anything and you have time for exploring. Daily life is full of stuff you need to do! I wonder if you can do both and avoid this transition….

What makes us ‘blasé?

Rennes le Chateau, settle, moving, exploring
The castle in Rennes-Le-Chateau – a place to enjoy views, history and spirituality

The other day I posted something on Facebook about a visit to Rennes-Le-Chateau. This is a little gem of a place near Limoux and it is perfect to take visitors to and to enjoy the scenery. One of my FB friends admitted that she had never been there despite having lived in the area for over 20 years.

That is exactly what I mean. She obviously knows that Rennes-Le-Chateau is not going to walk away and there is no urgency to go and see the village at this moment in time.

There is no problem with that apart from that it is a pity and it may be a little blasé because who says you are ever going to make the time? You may simply never do it …..

settle, Cap Creuz, Palau Saverdera
The view we were rewarded with after a walk at the Costa Brava we had never done before.

We all love to go to ‘far horizons’ for a holiday and and make the most out of our time when we are there. We take more time for ourselves, for our relationships and relaxation. Only to return home to continue the same old hectic life again.

One of the reasons we wanted a new adventure is to rejuvenate that urgency to take time and explore. To make time to do new things and meet new people. In other words to embrace this other adventure.

Lost opportunities?

Looking back at our time in Australia I feel we have taken many opportunities to see things, but certainly not all. I can remember moving to Brisbane and being excited about the at least 7 National Parks in the immediate environment. We had big plans to go hiking and camping there.

And you know what?  We barely saw 2-3 of these NP’s. We were doing exactly the same as I described above. The parks weren’t going away and after all we had the time. We did not need to go there and the result is that we ended up not going.

It makes you wonder how many opportunities we not have taken in our lives? How many things did we not do and dismiss with an ‘oh, well’, you can’t do everything! No need really..

I have decided to put that ‘blasé’ feeling aside and do the things that come in my mind. To make the most of every day and situation I am offered. Sounds good, hey! Well, we’ll see if I can keep it up. So far we have been doing a fair bit of exploring in our new home.

Am I fooling myself?

And to be honest so far it just feels like a holiday. So I may only fool myself that it is indeed possible to hang onto being the explorer and not fall into the trap of only doing things we need to do.

settle, hiking, Roses, Catalunya, Spain
Going for a hike, exploring new territory and getting new experiences near a new home.

Once we get into a daily routine we may find it an effort to drive somewhere and make a 5-10 k walk. Ah, let’s do it next weekend and just relax today. Recognise the feeling? I do but I am also determent not to fall for it this time.

We have bought maps, are exploring the web and plan activities. And every time when we get back home we feel quite satisfied with the new experience we have had. That should give us enough motivation to keep at it, wouldn’t it?

I will keep you posted!



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  1. Aaaawwww, do I recognize this!!? I moved here 2 years ago and still haven’t been to Rennes-le-chateau . I moved in with my (Now) husband, who has been Living here for more than 20 years. He’s seen it all, and as we have been occipied betoning a couple and creating an everydaylife together, well, I’ve ignored doing these things. People ask me how I fill my day, and it is a bit embarrassing. I must get out there . Thank you for the reminder 😊

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