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Reviews have become a familiar thing on the web. There are many sites that offer reviews of places to visit or they invite us, the users to express our opinions on the places we visit.

One of the hardest things to deal with when visiting a new country, a city or an attraction is that you don’t know its best features. Unless you read reviews or some one tipped you off, you stand a fair chance to miss out on the best secrets of the place.

I personally hate hearing that I missed the best coffee in town or the coolest bar. I therefore tend to ask friends, social media friends or who ever beforehand if they have some great tips for the places I visit. And guess what, often they indeed have…..

The value of comments and forums

Another thing I do when I search for a place to stay is to read the comments people leave. Comments of people who have actually been there. It gives you a real good sense of what the destination is like. Positive but also what to avoid.

I once chose not to take accommodation because of a comment a previous guest had left. She praised the apartment but alerted women who travelled by them selves that it was located in a dark quiet part of the town. It made her feel unsafe.

As I was travelling by myself it is needless to say that I choose another place to stay. There was no mention of this little detail on the site who promoted the accommodation, at all!

For that reason I have started to review the places I have visited. You can read all about it in the articles below.

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My Reviews

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