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Thinking of reasons, I don’t know if it has to do with the knowledge that we plan to leave Australia but I am having a real hard time with my last Brisbane summer. It has been hotter than normal for many weeks now and I feel as if I am having an eternal hot flush.

Reasons to move

My first summer in Brisbane was in 2000 and from memory that was a crazy hot one as well. The weather in Brisbane is 9 months per year pretty close to perfect but the three summer months can be a torture. It is not so much the temperature that kills you but it is the humidity.

I also have noticed – and I am not the only one, that age is not helping. Many older people complain about having less tolerance for the hot weather and have the same growing dislike for the heat than I have.

As we are planning to leave Australia it can be expected that some say that we will miss the weather. Only human, but really – as if there is no nice weather elsewhere!

Byron Bay, favourite spot, beach life, reasons to move
Byron Bay. One of my favourite spots in Australia and very popular with those who love the ‘surfie’ lifestyle

There is something very appealing about the Australian outdoor lifestyle and the weather makes this way of life possible most of the year. The Aussie life style is great, but for normal daily life it helps if you are near the beach, have a pool and have air-conditioning and many of us have not.

I have a creative garden business and I love my businessĀ in the winter as the temperature wil still be creeping up over 20 degrees, but in the summer it is cruel. If I don’t start at 6 or 7 am it is very unpleasant and that is a gross understatement! I usually feel and look like a drowned cat during and after my garden sessions.

So no, I don’t think I will miss that. I certainly won’t miss the high temperatures, the humidity and the sweating.

Welcome to cooler weather

I am ready for a cooler climate! I also welcome long summer days and will take the short winter days with it as well. Funnily the short winter days in Europe are really not that much shorter than the average winter day in Brisbane.

Also Brisbane does not have long summer days. In the summer it is pitch dark by 7 pm and without mosquito repellent it is a real pain to sit outside. I can remember my sister in Spain settling in for a last quick sun bath at 21.00 in the evening before we have dinner at 23.00. A rather different lifestyle and no mosquito in sight……….!

I am totally aware that there are countries where a decent summer is luxury. You may know that I originally come from one! That why Brits and North Europeans tend to flock to the Mediterranean countries during the summer. I am pretty sure that missing out on sunlight and warmth would be a hard thing to take. Don’t get me wrong.

My reasons to emigrate Down Under

I started working in Switzerland when I was about 20 – once of the reasons being to escape from the unreliable summers in the Netherlands. I quickly learned that the rather high wages in Switzerland could help me to save money for trips to Down Under. To be honest my main reasons to emigrate to Australia were weather and nature.

Whitehaven Beach, top ten beach, reasons to move
Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays – a real heaven on earth. On the list of the 10 best beaches in the world.

Well nice weather I got, more than I wanted or needed! Nature, certainly, also heaps of it. Australia has a lot to offer when it comes to nature. I would have liked more of it though. It would have been nice if I would have had access to it daily.

Australian cities

The thing about Australia is that most jobs are in the big cities. As a result of Keith’s work as an IT professional we were always bound to living in these cities. Living in smaller towns requires different jobs. Nowadays it could be different as much work can be done online.

We were always wondering what people were doing in the smaller towns in Australia. Quite often these towns exist because of tourism, mining or some kind of crop they grow. If these things disappear, the town seems to dwindle. I am sure similar things happen in other parts of the world but it seems more obvious in Australia.

reasons, Sydney beaches, life style
The beaches and little bays of Sydney. Around every corner you will find something different.

Most Australian people live in the big cities. As a result cities are very urbanised with relatively small centres and huge sprawling suburbs. Sydney has for instance a gorgeous setting around the harbour with the Opera house and the beaches. Travelling West however through suburbia is a rather ugly sight.

reasons, Brisbane city, Brisbane river
Brisbane river with Storey Bridge

Brisbane is one of the most spread out cities in the world and from North to South measures close to 80 km. Just under half of the width of The Netherlands! Ironically, its centre is very small in proportion to the size of the total Brisbane area. Probably the same size as a smallish Dutch town.

So what’s next?

Since I have been exploring moving abroad, I have come across a number of people who ask me to write about certain related topics. Maybe because they have had good or bad experiences with a move or they just like to dream. I would really like to hear about experiences you have had or…..feel you missed out on.

Don’t hesitate to email me and pop your name and email into the box below to make sure you’ll get to read what I write!


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