Moving abroad

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We are no newbies when it comes to emigrating and have gone through the motions of moving abroad several times. Yet it can cause a considerable amount of stress in most people. I even came a across a site that claimed it could cause psychosis…

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First attempt ‘moving abroad’

We made the decision to move back to Europe in 2011 after a couple of decades in Australia. A number of economical and financial reasons stopped us with the result that we stayed and got stuck into another phase in the school life of our kids.

Now, in 2017, this period is done and dusted and another window of opportunity has arrived. Yet again, there are numerous reasons in Europe why we would not want to go, this time more of a political and terrorism nature.

Second attempt ‘moving abroad’

However this time we are determined to go through with it. A big factor in the decision making process are the study plans of our youngest daughter.

For my own sanity I have started to document the process. Emotions, fear of the unknown, losing friends, having to let go of house, things, business and how to plan and to get organised.

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Easy Done in The Netherlands

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The frustrating thing about a different system

Getting in with the locals and their traditions

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Limoux, first a holiday destination. Now our home!

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My first babysteps as an expat living in France

Reflections on my emigration to Europe so far

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Our adventure in Australia has come to an end

Downsizing in the true sense of the word

A sense of unease is slowly creeping upon me

What is your reason to NOT declutter?

My time in Australia is slowly running out!

“Am I leaving Australia for good”, I get asked daily!

As a parent, when are you ever ready to let your child go?

This is why I seem to have un-leashed a beast

The dilemma of not knowing what to do

How to enjoy ‘moving’ stress and enjoy the ride

Would you rather be ‘letting go’ of your stuff or taking it?

Would you go places if you had the chance

This is how quickly plans can change!

What if we would have taken that opportunity

My reasons why to move to a different place

Too much clutter – how to go about it

Being a stranger in your own country

New years reflections from Down Under

Planning to leave a country after 25 years

Creativity is what I need most the coming year

Big changes ahead – the end of a life in Australia

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