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As a result of my search for a perfect lifestyle I have lived in 4 countries being The Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and Australia. In addition there are Greece and Norway for a couple of months each.

Love of exploring

I love exploring what life has to offer and I am attracted to different cultures and languages. After 25 years in Australia I realised that we would not always find the above things in the big land Down Under. The idea to leave came into existence around 2011.

Australia is an incredible beautiful country, the people are very friendly and you find plenty of empty spaces. I am happy I have this lifestyle experience, raised two wonderful daughters there but…. I want something different!

If I wouldn’t take the opportunity now I will just stay in Australia and keep on doing the same thing. I am not a huge risk taker but I realise that my lifestyle won’t change if I do NOT take the risk of leaving everything behind and head elsewhere.

As a result mid 2017 we sold all our belongings apart from some favourite paintings, books, photo albums and clothes we would need and left. Many call us crazy and expect us to return at some stage, others find us inspiring and secretly admit that we do what they deep down would like to do themselves.

House in France

Some 5 years ago as part of our search for the perfect lifestyle we bought a house in the South of France. Nothing special, nothing flash. Just a cosy historical house in a pretty historical town with friendly people and that hosts the longest carnival in the world.

This alone makes a large number of Australians enter in a state of envy. Owning a house in France seems to be a secret lifestyle desire of many Aussies. I don’t why but it certainly attracts the attention.

So we have this house and rent it out quite successfully as a longterm holiday house. And yes we do get the type of tenant that dreams of living in France for a while. Our house offers exactly what they need to make that dream reality. A great win-win situation!

Ideally we would like to live ourselves in this house and in a perfect world we would like be able to make a living with an online business. Easily said than done as you may expect.

Lucky for us we did have some savings and money stretches a lot further in Europe than it does in Australia. Being on a budget has lead us to research some different ways of living.

Here is my ‘wanna do’ list

  • We have and still are exploring a Vegan lifestyle. We both like it for many reasons. Feeling better, losing a kilo here and there, saving animals and silently protesting the food industry – to name a few!
  • Selling all our belongings and having a neat decluttered holiday house made us realise we do not need all that ‘stuff’. We like to reduce our ‘baggage’ and live more simple. Reasons are again environmental but also to be able to pack up and leave.
  • The next one is a personal one. I have decided I only want to buy what I need not what I want or desire. Furthermore I have committed to a year of only buying second hand clothing apart from socks and underwear. I started this year on the 1st of August and so far it was easy. In need of winter clothes, I managed to find it all second hand!
  • Meeting people but alsoĀ helping people is close to my heart. I want to give back, connect people, listen to people and facilitate people. Not a clear goal yet but I like to use my skills in counselling, psychology and social work somehow. I have several degrees and diploma in this field but the countries where I lived rejected them. I will find a way to bring them to fruition.

All these things are going to be part of my new lifestyle. Simple, sustainable and respectful. And I find it very exciting!

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