How to pull off the perfect garden!

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Recently I wrote a blurb about how I started gardening and how much I have enjoyed this little business venture. I started doing it to upgrade our own garden, ended up getting paid for maintaining that garden after selling the house and somehow must have got a bit of a reputation as the phone started ringing.

gardening, garden design, upgrade, budget
Happy contemplating the result

It is a matter of…….

Clever gardening is all about composition. An effective combination of shape, colour and height just like you see in a good photo or painting. The same goes for a design for an interior or an exterior of a house.

When it appeals to the eye, all these factors are present in a way that creates a sense of harmony and balance. When it is not right, one of these elements is out of proportion. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Believe it, it is not……

I did a stint as interior designer and one of the things I noticed in many rooms is where people hang pictures. They are almost always too high and are not positioned on the wall in balance with other items in the room such as furniture, lamps, doors, windows and so on.

It is hard to say why it works or not, it is perception, I suppose. Even further, you could debate the right or wrong, but in general in a ‘good’ design, there is a sense of things falling in place. And they don’t when a composition is out.

Enough words. Pictures say a thousand words so here we go!

The right variation

When a garden has a wow factor it is often the right differentiation in shapes, height and colour as shown in the picture below.

balance, height, plants, shape
An attractive combination of colour, shape and height

The right balance

lack of balance, agaves, empty, garden bed
A before shot of a garden bed that would benefit of redistribution of plants
design, balance, garden, agave
By simply relocating and splitting plants the garden bed becomes more appealing to the eye

The right quantities

garden, clay, too wet,
A sad looking clay garden bed with similar plants in shape and colour
garden bed, balance, tropical
Garden bed in balance for height, colour and shape

The right purpose

Sometimes a garden just does not work. A lawn under a jungle of palm trees will create more moss than grass. Turn it into a tropical outdoor area by creating a patio and some tropical garden beds.

front garden, make-over, patio, tropical garden
A moss lawn turned into a lovely outdoor setting
design, patio, tropical plants
Low maintenance tropical plants give the patio shape and colour

The last couple of pictures require a bit more structural change and investment. However it shows that it is possible to create something beautiful in an area that seemed suitable for nothing.

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See you soon!

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