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Swedish style inspired “Home St Home’ sign

The other day I was preparing some wooden signs in my garage when a Telstra guy came to fix a problem with our phone. He went in and out the house several times and suddenly asked me if I was an artist. This made me smile! ‘An artist’, I answered, well maybe you could call it that way…… can you?

I have never seen myself as an artist. I make crafts or have a hobby and I create things by hand. I am sure if you google artist, crafts person and hobbyist, you’ll get a huge amount of opinions about the differences between the two, the things they have in common and so on. To me it doesn’t really matter. It just made me feel good that the guy did ask me that, that’s all.

Maybe I am an ‘Artisan’

The French have a nice word for it – artisan. I have come across this word increasingly in Australia lately and it seems to refer to people who make things by hand, skilled workers who create high quality products on a low scale.

For me there is nothing better than planning and starting a new craft project. There is an enormous satisfaction in creating something with my own two hands. When it is finished I have this sense of achievement and almost find it hard to part with it. But parting with it is what I intend to do. I create the projects with in mind that they are going to be sold or least given away as presents.

Sheer designer material set of cushions in beige and charcoal

I have just scored my first online sale through my Etsy shop ‘Easydone Decor. It was a pair of cushions that I made a while ago. They were beautiful but did not really ‘go’ in my house. Maybe that is the reason that I did not mind to send them off to their new owner. Funny enough these cushions were featured on a French website a couple of weeks ago. So their creation was in Brisbane, they were found and promoted by someone in France and were eventually bought by someone from Brisbane.

The things I make are a variety of things – cushions, mosaics, stencilled signs and I upgrade furniture in the ‘Shabby Chic‘ style.

I have been a dress maker since I was 13 and making cushions was an easy step. Years ago I learned to do mosaics and have been doing it since, not all the time but so now and then I keep on making them. My latest crafts are upgrading furniture and stencilled signs. I have to attribute both these skills to Coucou Atelier in Limoux where we bought a house a year or so back. Merrilees, the owner opened a whole new world for me with her workshops.

Swedish style inspired “Home Sweet Home’ sign

And here I am, bit by bit working towards making these crafts a source of income. Because who would not want to make money with something you just love doing? And who knows, if in a couple of years I am successful and still am creating beautiful things, I may officially become an artist. If that is so I will fondly remember that day that the phone guy called me one already then….

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