Easy steps to a fast garden make-over!

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As a gardener /designer I get to do a lot of different tasks – some you like and some you like less! Normal, hey, as in every other job! Today I was in for a favourite…..

I was heading to my regular fortnightly stint in a local garden and was planning to do something with an empty garden bed at the front of the house. Only to find a message sent by my client to do my magic with the garden bed at the front. Coincidence or what…!

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A garden bed at the entrance of the house waiting for some TLC

This particular garden is the ultimate example of creating something out of nothing. Not that there is nothing in this garden but before I started there was not much more than a dry, almost dangerously steep rocky area with neglected vegetation. There are however totally overgrown areas full with a few varieties of hardy plants so I have my shop nearby.

Collecting resources for your garden make-over

The plants that are abundant in the garden are Agaves, Bromeliads and Dracaenas. Also my client has some lovely bits of garden ornaments laying around. I did a round of the garden and found enough to make a start.

There is a tree, some kind of Bottle brush in the garden bed and because of that there maybe heaps of roots. I started with giving it a good dig and as expected found many roots, but also still enough space and ‘miraculously’ enough soil for survivors such as Bromeliads and Agaves. I did not bother with a Dracaena as they need a bit more TLC when you stick them in the ground.

resources, agaves, bromeliad, planting
Creating the lay-out for the new garden bed with agaves, bromeliads and some ornaments

Creating the lay-out of your garden bed

Then the fun part started. Designing the lay-out of the bed, placing all plant and ornaments and assessing the harmony, composition and balance – something I love to do and am good at! I had to keep in mind how big Agaves can grow so I made sure I gave them space and the right direction to grow to. Totally my idea of fun!

gardenbed, planting, make-over, agaves
Et voila, a lovely lush new garden bed with plants found elsewhere in the garden

Nurturing your new garden bed

I added some new soil, watered it thoroughly and used the mulch that was there from the tree. The result is a green, abundant and eye catching garden bed – a lovely area to enjoy when you leave the house. The good thing is that after a bit of watering during the first couple of weeks, this garden bed should be self sufficient and get enough water from natural rain fall.

There is another area to do near the front door but that is a project for the next time…!

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