Downsizing in the true sense of the word!

It has been a turbulent couple of weeks if not months lately but our exercise in downsizing has seen light at the end of the tunnel. Our house got emptier by the day and before we knew we had a very basic existence. As a matter of fact we have sold our bed before we moved out of our house and someone picked it up a couple of days later.

downsizing, making a bed
This lounge suite has been used for sleep overs many times so together with a large ottoman in front, it can be our bed for the last week

My immediate solution was to sleep on the lounge suit. Together with an ottoman it just looked like a double bed. My joy did not last long as someone bought this as well and had picked it up before I have the chance to sleep on it.

An unexpected blessing in disguise

Fortunately something cropped up. A friend of ours asked us if we were interested in doing a house sit in her house while she was on holiday. She has two little dogs and they needed looking after.

It couldn’t have been a better timing. So my answer was ‘yes please’! It also gave us our first house sit experience and hopefully a reference. It made everything so much easier. The timing of selling your furniture and having the comfort of using is tricky. It has not been easy to sell some of our things so when you get the asking price it is time to let it go. Even if it means you have to go back to camping conditions!

I am quite astounded by the attitude of the average second hand buyer. It seems that you must bargain and many people are not afraid to ask if you can deliver. People even accused me of wasting their time because I did not fulfil their wishes.

Downsizing and meeting people

There have been some really nice people and fortunately they have made a bigger impression than the obnoxious ones. One girl bought my upgraded book case and was so happy with it that she sent me a picture after she had filled it with her books. She wanted to show me how nice it looked in her apartment.

Another guy showed up with his girl friend. Both from the USA, they have just moved into a unit in West End and need many things. He is coming back for a a garage sale preview. I have been able to sell our homestay students’s desk, chair and light. He is not that impressed but he was moving out a day or so later, so who cares? Sometimes you just make do!

Buyers like this made everything worth it. I even made a bit of a friend amongst one of my regular buyers. She has bought several of my upgrade items and we got along nicely. We have in common our love for upgrading old bits of furniture. And isn’t that one of the facilitators for friendships, I remember from my Psych lectures.

make-over, upgrade, furniture, about me
Giving a old piece of furniture a make-over with chalk paint and wax

So really, after my garage sale that will take place in a week’s time most things should have gone. There seem to be some ‘unspoken’ rules to second hand selling. People who buy expect it to be cheap so high end items do not sell very easily. This may be logical as people who can afford it do not buy second hand, maybe…..?

This could mean that we had to drop the price for our sofa tremendously or take it. As we did not want to take it, – too much hassle and complications on the other end – we will have to let it go cheap I am afraid. And to be honest I did not care. Better some money than none at all.

Downsizing to the ‘max’

I realise I do not care about any of the stuff we have sold. We think we can’t do without but when it comes to the crunch it really does not matter. It feels enlightening to let it all go and to start from scratch or not at all.

We have had thoughts that things might come in handy and we could buy another house in the future….. Could or couldn’t. Who knows…..

So yes, our house echoed, it is empty and still we managed to do exactly what we always did and hardly noticed the lack of items. It is ‘downsizing’ to the max and it feels good! We even had a dinner party one night and funny enough our guests picked up the coffee table we had on loan.

It was handy that the dining set was still there!

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