Creative gardening

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My love of creative gardening

I love creative gardening! I was not always aware of this because for many years I did not even have a garden. In 2001 we bought a house with a neglected garden on a sloping site with the result that I got creative. Over time I transformed this garden into a lush tropical paradise with a number of areas for outdoor living.

After we sold the house in 2011, the new owners asked me if I was interested in maintaining the garden. Consequently I did that for a couple of years and during that time I found another client, then another and from there my ‘hobby’ turned slowly but steadily into a small business.

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It turned into a business with over 25 clients whose gardens I designed, revamped and maintained. Despite the hard physical work and the rather hot Brisbane climate I loved doing it.

Since then I have left Australia and have based myself in the South Of France. Currently I am checking out the potential in France for the type of gardening I did in Australia and I may have found some interest. In Australia my business grew and was built on ‘word of mouth’ and I understand that for this to happen in France it will take time.

My articles are full of tips and show you how to make changes in an easy and effective way – all on a budget.

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