How to control ‘moving’ stress and enjoy the ride!

I feel as if I am in control of a stressful ride. On the one hand I am in the middle of a hectic process to emigrate to Europe and on the other it feels like I am coasting.

The good thing is that we seem to be on schedule with our moving plans. We are finalising paperwork with care and thought. Our social life is well planned ahead to make sure we ‘do it all’.

Slowly we are selling our belongings and the house gets emptier and emptier. By the end of April I expect to be without clutter. The liberating sense of ‘clutter freedom‘ is creeping upon us.

In control of the clutter

It is a nice feeling to know where things are – the necessary things that you really need. Even better it is great to open a cupboard and be able to find something immediately.

A week ago I had a garage sale. A friend and I combined efforts and we held a large sale at her house. It was very successful for her and average for me. She was selling beautiful items from the Middle East where she lived for years. I on the other hand was selling lower end stuff.

Still I got rid of quite a bit and the best thing was that she had lined up a charity to take everything that had not sold off our hands. That meant that I did not have to take things back home.

Unfortunately this charity did not take books and well you guess it right. I was left with a large amount of books and I had to take them all back home. In the end I wondered whether having a garage sale somewhere else had been worth all this effort.

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Books, books and more books. People just don’t seem to like books anymore……

I suppose all small actions make a difference and we may have some other ways of shifting these books. Books are not very popular it seems. At least not amongst the type of people that frequents garage sales.

How to control garage sale fans

They are a hilarious lot. Bargaining a $2 item down to $1. When they started counting out their saved 5 and 10 cent pieces, I stopped them there and then. Only gold coins! For the non-Australians, gold coins are $1 and $2 coins.

Nevertheless, a garage sale with my friend T. is always fun as we both love chatting to people and make friends easily. T. is a very good sales person and flocks literally anything. She sold all kind of things from her garage that were actually not for sale. Like sports items belonging to her kids and a bag with bottles of wine.

The person who was after these wines for a very cheap price almost ripped my arm off when I expressed interest for one of the bottles. He yelled: ‘I was there first’ and felt that he therefore had the right to all bottles. I had to withdraw myself to not say something rude or slap him in the face.

Am I moving permanently?

I have slightly confused feelings about moving. It is not, that I don’t want to go but I am slowly starting to realise the ‘finite‘ off it. I notice cars with the word ‘Australian’ that are driving past. I see everywhere ‘made in Australia’. Funny as before we thought everything here is made in China.

control, made in Australia,
Proudly made in Australia. Some things still are….

Many people are asking me if I leave for good. How do I know that? Things change and people change plans all the times. Years ago we were going to move to Perth and ended up living in Brisbane after first two years in London. Talk about being in control….

Plans change and that is fine. I already mentioned before that I am the only one who is actually leaving on the planned date. The others are leaving months later. Does it matter? No, not really. It would if they would not follow me….

Fortunately I am rather flexible and know how to adapt to changes without much of a problem. I just get on with it. I am not someone who indulges in ‘wallowing’ and to be honest I have an issue when others do that.

Sitting it out in style

At the moment it is only the beginning of March, I am working more than ever in my garden business and our house is slowly getting empty. We are totally on track, in control and nothing seems to be hasty.

control, friends, relationships
Making the most of friends. This group covers the primary school and high school years of our youngest off-spring!

My plan is to enjoy Australia as much as I can. Explore the city, go to the beach, see friends, hang out in cafes and be aware of it, so I have good closure. On other occasions I did occasionally rush when leaving somewhere and it just does not feel ‘finished’.

This time I want to do it right. When I leave I want to have the feeling not to have left a stone unturned and I feel I am on the right track.

Please feel free to follow closely what I am up to. Put your name and email in the box below and I’ll keep you posted!

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