Big changes ahead – the end of a life in Australia?

After 25 years living in Australia we have decided to make some big changes in our lives.  At the moment we are a 5 ‘head’ family comprising of my husband, me, two daughters and one homestay student.

We have had students living with us for a small decade now – from China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Hong Kong, Bhutan and Germany.

Bhutan, international student, grade 12, extended family, big changes
Our last meal with Tashi from Bhutan. She stayed with us doing her last year at high school

Always females but currently we have added to our experience hosting a male student from Japan. He is a master student and his ambition is to become the first interpreter of the Japanese prime minister.

Best news – no teenagers no more!!

Big changes ahead

In about 6 months our 5 headed family will cease to exist and we will be embracing some big changes. One daughter will head to ‘funky’ Melbourne, the other plans to move in with grand mother in London to study A levels in Physics and our current student will have to find another host family.

And we will go to ……

verdigris, paint effect, patina effect, wrought iron, big changes
Don’t they say ‘Home is where the Heart is’?

Good question!  We have scheduled two months, September and October in our French house in Limoux, South of France. After that? Time and opportunity will tell! There are many ideas and dreams but so far no concrete plans.

Before July 2017, there are still 6 months or so to kill and I am sure they are going to be busy. We were here for 25 years, seems a life time and so many things will have to be finalised. They say moving is stressful but I think emigrating goes a bit further. We have done it before though and I am in for the challenge.

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Big changes – decluttering and down sizing

One of my ambitions at the moment is to down size in every aspect. I want less of everything. Less possessions, less clothes, less grooming, simplicity and ideally becoming self reliant. So this is my moment.

I am getting rid of stuff, the stuff that clutters the cupboards, the garage and other clutter prone areas. I am so glad we have no attic!

French house, limoux, historical house, big changes
Looking out from the top back window of Casa Rita over the hills around Limoux.

After buying a house in France in 2014 and ‘kitting it out’ I have realised that it is relatively cheap to ‘collect’ a house hold. At least over there in France! Most of our stuff in Australia is not worth taking and we assume that the costs of shipping it would surpass its value.

By the way, our house Casa Rita In Limoux in the South of France is available for long and short term holiday lettings. It has been very popular so far and I have been able to score more than 10 Trip Advisor reviews that make me very happy. If you are interested, check out the link below

Casa Rita Trip Advisor reviews

But first it is time for a couple of huge garage sales. Off course we have some favourites – items that are filled with memories and yes, they will come with us. We are talking paintings, cook books, favourite ornaments and things that are unique to Australia such as a didgeridoo.

Big changes – splitting up the family

Most of the effort will go into clearing and deciding what to take and what to let go. The hardest thing will very likely be leaving our oldest daughter behind in a city on the other side of the world that we only know from a couple of visits. We do have some contacts there and knowing her she will be fine. But still…

China, hanzhiou, international student, learning Chinese, big changes
Yasmin enjoying the beauty and serenity of Westlake in Hanzhiou

We let her go to study in China a couple of years ago and that went well. Funny was that our first ever homestay student was from the city where Yasmin ending up studying. All in all exciting times ahead, not many concrete plans but an open, flexible mind and approach.

Just recently I read an article written by a Canadian journalist about the Dutch approach to life that stuck with me. Many call us direct and to the point, this journalist called us pragmatic. You come across an issue, a problem or a situation and you just get on with it. I have tried to locate the article but have unfortunately been unsuccessful.

Being pragmatic is so me and should be my middle name!

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