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Have you ever done something really risky? Something risky and a bit crazy but that makes you feel on top of the world? 

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I feel like that and have been feeling like that for quite a while.  So why is that?

This year my husband and I made the step to leave Australia after 25 years and move to the South of France. We had the idea for over 6 years but all kind of things threw a spanner in the works.

This year however we packed up our house and sold almost everything we owned in Australia. We kept some sentimental items such as picture albums, some books and paintings and shipped them to Europe.

Why France?

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In 2014 I went on an adventure trip all by myself. My aim was to find a house in France and I did. It took 3 months of travelling, seeing about 50 homes and make an offer on one of the favourites.

We were successful and three months later we were the proud owners of an historical house. The house is in Limoux, a small town in the South of France.

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Since then I have kitted it out as a comfortable holiday home. More than 20 couples have spent time in our house from as short as 1 week to 6 months. They must have liked it heaps and they have rewarded me with over 15 very good TripAdvisor reviews.

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This year we moved into our house ourselves but this is not the end of our adventure. We moved to France but don’t consider this our end destination. Our house will continue to be a holiday home but on a smaller scale.

So what is next?

We see it as follows. Limoux will be our base. We like to spend part of the year there but we also want to travel and see the world. As we are not rich nor have won the lotto, we will have to work somehow and our travels will be on a budget.

We think of house sitting, Workaways and earning money through the rentals of our own house and online businesses.

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