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about me, easy done, introducing easy doneWhat if…..

  • you are you thinking of changing your lifestyle but are too afraid to go ahead
  • you need inspiration for creating possible income streams to prepare for retirement
  • you like to see how to create and upgrade beautiful items for home and garden
  • you like to stay in a historical house in the center of gorgeous Limoux in the South of France

Great because that is exactly why I am here!

My name is Marijke and I like to show you how we are preparing to live the life of our dreams. After 25 years living in Australia we have decided to return to Europe for numerous reasons.

My blog Easy Done will document how we make this change and create a new lifestyle in Europe.

It will not only describe practical issues, plans, dreams, kids, possible income streams and but also doubts, regrets and fears of the unknown.

What I like

I am big believer in upgrading, up-cycling and re-using.  You will be surprised how easy it is to ‘revamp’ things in your home and garden and give them another lease on life. All it takes is a bit of common sense, a touch of creativity, some materials and possibly some muscle power.

make-over, upgrade, furniture, about me

Giving a old piece of furniture a make-over with chalk paint and wax

What I create

I am the happiest if I can create, improve or upgrade something. The icing on ‘my’ cake is then take gorgeous pictures of what I do and to write about what I do. Ultimately I like to show you how a couple of changes can make enormous impact on you home and garden.

Moving to Europe

view, languedoc, south of france

Enjoying the view at Rennes-le-Chateau, Languedoc

That is not all – part of my blog is about a possible emigration. We live in Australia, but are Europeans and have after 25 years the ‘pull’ to go back. It may be the lack of ‘cobbled streets’, proximity of other countries, different languages or the fact that Australia has changed. Maybe not for the better….

I like to document how we prepare this big change in our lives. It is not only a return to Europe but also a change in life style to ease into a possible retirement. Financially not yet possible but we are exploring the options on how to achieve our ideal lifestyle.

House in France

For lovers of anything French, we are the proud owners of an historical holiday house ‘Casa Rita’ in Limoux in the South of France that is available for holiday rentals.

If you like to experience life in a small French town in the Cathar region of France, Casa Rita might be just perfect for you. For more info check out our website or the Casa Rita FB page

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See you soon







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